Creative Corner Student Name Class and Section Description Link
1 Antara Bhattacharjee Class-X Medium- Poster color. Landscape (Sunset)
2 Minakshi Nath Class-X Crayons. (Poster on Global Warming)
3 Soumidatta Paul Class-X Mix-media. (Poster on No Smoking)
4 Satarupa Bhattacharjee Class-X Water Color. (Selling & Buying)
5 Deepshika Dhar Class-X Mix-media. (New Generation)
6 Tayba Sultana Mazumder Class-X Water Color. (Market Place)
7 Joyeetha Nath Class-X Medium Crayons. (If we are wasting the fuel today then in future we have to ride the cycle)
8 Mihika Dev Class-X Water Color A women is washing cloths